Thursday, September 14, 2006

When church signs suck/stink

I know I know, some of you are still offended by the word suck so I gave you an aleternative in the title. Sorry if you are offended.
Anyways, on to the post. has a great post on when church signs stink.
It's a great list and I agree whole heartidly. There's a church in my neck of the woods that constantly tries to be funny or confusing or something on their sign. Yet I don't ever recall seeing an annoucement about what's going on at the church and I don't even remember seeing service times on the sign.
One of the first impressions that a church gives a passer-by is its church sign or marquee. In recent years, it has become chic for churches to quote presumably pithy sayings on these church signs. It is my assessment that most of these church signs "suck" (by CMS' definition of the word), especially when taking the "Church Marketing" perspective.
Either way, read and enjoy the list.

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