Saturday, September 16, 2006

U2 and Green Day to reopen SuperDome

From multiple sources:
U2 will help reopen the New Orleans Superdome on September 25th, by performing before the start of the Saints' home game against the Atlanta Falcons. The band will be joined by the punk rock trio Green Day for a version of the song "The Saints Are Coming," which was originally recorded by the Scottish group the Skids. The appearance will be featured on Monday Night Football on ESPN, and the audio will be streamed live over the music service. In addition, a download of "The Saints Are Coming" will be sold by soon after the performance, with the proceeds going to the Music Rising charity that U2 guitarist the Edge helped set up to get instruments back in the hands of New Orleans musicians.
The Edge said, "My visits to New Orleans gave me a firsthand look at the devastation which tragically destroyed the lives of thousands. The area's rich and spirited culture must continue to be restored. Providing musical instruments through Music Rising will not only help the professional musicians, but all the churches and schools in need."

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