Monday, September 11, 2006

In memory

Ground Zero
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Today is 9/11. Five years after tragedy struck the World Trade Center and Pentagon. What do you remember about that day?


MMBlog said...

Sitting in the Old Jerusalem Tavern in Central London talking journalism and world politics with new friend and coursemate Anthony Mills when the bartender ducked in and asked if we had heard what happened in New York.

Our eyes bugged the size of basketballs and we took off, searching for bars with TV sets. There we found others with eyes that big watching in all the bars. One was an exception where a French barmaid eventually shut off the news from America as "my customers are bored with it" -- leaving us to leave with a few choice comments.

Mills is now seen reporting from Beirut, Lebanon on CNN.

amanda said...

I was sitting in Kharma Cafe in Denton with my friend Carnina waiting for school to start when a guy runs in and yells at the manager to turn the tv to CNN that a plane had flown into the WTC and I sat and watched in horror as the second plane hit.

I had to go to class as UNT didn't shut down the school until 10, but I heard the news of the towers falling in my car.

I remember how my radio station became less shock talk and more talking in shock.

I remember I couldn't believe no one at work seemed overly concerned with the events.