Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thomas wants to get ((deep))

Thomas is looking to expand his ministry with a new expression of church he's called, ((deep)).
He's posted a PowerPoint that he's using to discuss the future of the ministry.
What do you think?


headphonaught said...

Thanks for this...

Can I ask that you redirect the link? I have deleted this page and need keep circulation of the slides down... I was asked to do so.

Redirect the link to the blog and let people see the rest.

Sorry for being a pain...

Thanks for your support! I got what I was after... permission to take this to the next level :: divisional strategy board... and the agreement to put a boiler room into being.

headphonaught said...

Changed my mind, bro... Sorry... bit hyper.

Here's the link to the slides... please spread the word: