Saturday, September 16, 2006

Re: News wars become blog wars weighed in on the blog wars between Frontburner and The Observer:
This morning in D Magazine's online Blog Front Burner, D Editor Tim Rogers complained of the Dallas Observer's Jim Schutze's reporting on the Trinity River as so bad it had to be biased. Said Rogers:
"But Schutze is so far off-target on the Trinity Project that it gives me the fantods. He's so wrong that I find it hard to believe he's doing it by accident. Honestly, I'm troubled. Just doesn't make sense."
Schutze was so incensed that he responded on the Dallas Observer's Unfair Park Blog.
"Tim Rogers posted a long item today on the D magazine blog FrontBurner accusing me of writing deceptively about the Trinity River project. Some personal innuendo was made, which I will get to at the end of this way-too-long post."...
Even in the good old days when the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald were battling to the death you couldn't have gotten this kind of real time exchange. Blog wars are a lot more fun.

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