Thursday, September 14, 2006

I want to be ruined

I'm really excited about the new encounter blog because of great posts like this...
Ruined: "Just recently I was doing a lesson in which I mentioned the fact that one of Jesus’ leadership qualities was that He “ruined” peoples’ lives. Well, actually, He ruined people to their former lives - they were never the same again. Beggars became workers, postitutes became women of virtue, tax collectors became generous, and lepers became party-goers. And those who knew Him best? The influence of Jesus was seen by even their enemies - Acts 4:13 - and the conclusion they drawn is that it was Jesus’ influence that made the difference! I want to be ruined like that! I want to see Jesus ruin me to some bad habits and maybe some of my less than stellar character flaws. Unfortunately I don’t think I get to choose what Jesus works on. Zacheus (a wee little man was he) only wanted Jesus to recognize him, but instead he got a lesson on grace and generousity! So I’m trying to be open to Jesus’ ruining power - even if it’s going to take me places that I don’t expect. I pray (reluctantly) that Jesus will ruin me thru this year!

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