Friday, September 15, 2006

Fellowship Church shares church plant success

Ed Young's Fellowship Church just opened their Miami campus with over 600 people in two Sunday services.
Over the weekend we celebrated an incredible movement of God during the Fall Kickoff at our Fellowship Church Miami Campus. After weeks of community outreach and preparation, we were excited to welcome over 600 people in our two Sunday services during the official grand opening weekend.
Opening this campus has really taken us back to our roots as a small church when we started in an Irving, Texas office complex with 150 people. We began with an even smaller base in Miami and have already experienced amazing growth. And though things are definitely different in a small church, the underlying approach we use for all five of our campuses remains the same. We're employing creativity and personal interaction to reach out and touch one life at a time.
The blog entry at Creative Pastors gives a rundown of what they've found helps and works. I think the main thing to take away from it is that personal relationships make a huge difference.
Thanks to CMS for the heads up.

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