Thursday, September 14, 2006

The death of a newspaper comments on the continuing saga of newspapers gone bad/dead:
Writing obituaries is a crummy entry-level job at a newspaper, and no matter the circumstance, a depressing one. So it gives me no pleasure to write one now:
Our Newspaper Is Dead.
Argue if you wish that this is a temporary period of "transition'' -- what with long-time employees being asked to exit the newsroom with a shoebox of money under their arms and their tails between their legs -- but during such a troubling time, shouldn't the Dallas Morning News still crank out something resembling a must-read major metropolitan daily? OK, guys, so you lied about circulation and you've misled a few advertisers and your ownership seems more interested in real estate than in journalism and much of the heart and soul of your staff has been amputated, but. ...
Aren't you neverthless requires to produce a paper that motivates me to care about it?

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