Friday, September 15, 2006

Radio is dying

The Dallas Observer says broadcast radio is dead. Well maybe not just the Observer, but The New York Times as well.
Gonna happen; just a matter of time. CBS is selling off stations; Clear Channel might have to as well. Anyone with an iPod, XM or Sirius or access to an MP3 blog and a CD burner can tell you that much. And, no, ain’t no schmuck in the world dumb enough to buy into “HD Radio,” which is the world’s most meaningless phrase behind, “No, really, I will definitely call you tomorrow.”
For someone passionate about radio - that sucks. But good thing we're doing Orange Noise online.


Michael Robinson said...

Radio has been read it's last rites countless times over the last 50 years. Yet as a medium, it continues to draw listeners. Yeah approches to radio and programming have changed over the years, but I don't think the dirt will be thrown on it's casket anytime soon.

amanda said...

I loathe broadcast radio and it's narrow perception of what is cool. I have XM and when I want music I listen there, commercial/DJ free for the most part.
I do listen to KRLD and KLLI pretty frequently, but the talk artists that I like on there will go to XM as soon as their contracts are up of broadcast radio doesn't fix it's self soon.