Monday, August 07, 2006

CMS turns 2

Church Marketing Sucks turned 2 recently and as Kevin and others look towards the future, they're highlighting the "heart and soul" of the ministry, which includes the Center for Church Communication.
Jesus commanded us to spread the Gospel. It’s the mission of the Church. And that mission inherently requires communication. Sometimes that communication is less than inviting. Even though God can and does work in spite of our botched efforts, our vision is to see churches communicating in a way that doesn’t mess it up. God is worthy of more than our best efforts, and that means communicating with clarity, authenticity and effectiveness.
We cringe at the thought of visitors being turned away by shoddy workmanship, by typos or eyebrow-raising moments. We’re tired of Christians and the church being the main reason fewer people become Christians or go to church. We’re tired of second-rate efforts when God deserves so much more.
I love that. Allman was telling me last night that he's recently found a place at Ed Young's Fellowship Church in Grapevine. I never thougth I'd see that. In my opinion, Allman is more of a traditional, don't rock the boat church goer. But he told me that despite all the lights, videos, band and such, he's found a place he enjoys. He realized that the people doing the media ministry and music ministry are simply worshipping with the talents God has given us. And if we as media junkies are doing our work for God - it should be the best of the best. That's why I'm a fan of CMS and the CFCC. We as Christians have the greatest message ever, but if we're not communicating it effectively, will anyone hear it?
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