Monday, August 07, 2006

21 Tips for Church Plants

Gary Lamb, a pastor in Georgia, has made a list of 21 things he's learned over the last 2 years with his church plant.
Great thoughts and pointers...
Thanks to CMS for the link.
1.) If you truly believe in your vision then 99% of decisions are already decided. Saves you a lot of trouble.
2.) God will send scaffolding. You need scaffolding to build a house but once it is built the scaffolding is gone. God sent us some GREAT and GODLY people who were scaffolding. I hated to see them leave but I now realize God sent them for a time and for a purpose.
3.) You CAN build a church without a building. Everyone told me you couldn't in this area but, God has done it here. I have really kicked up our land search lately just to be prepared, but lack of a building will never be an excuse for us not growing.
4.) You can lead your people by doing life WITH them instead of being ABOVE them.
5.) People want a pastor who is the same Monday-Saturday as he is on Sunday.

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