Monday, August 21, 2006

School finance

I was thinking about school finance tonight (for some really odd reason) and thought of this new way to help school finance... what do yall think? Let's think out of the box here.

Sponsored text books. We already have ads all over our the school stadiums and on score boards. And companies already pay money to have their logo and ad slapped on the text book covers. Why not sell advertising space within the books themselves. Then the publishers can give the books to the schools for virtually nothing and still reap major profits. We could even sell the wrap around ads like you see on DART buses on school buses and on lockers.

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amanda said...

While good for the schools and such I don't think it's great for the students. They're already so bombarded with advertising that I don't think school is really the place for it. My school (townview, not creekside)didn't let ads in the school anywhere except on the 2 soda/juice machines we had and it was honestly nice.

Texas just needs to, oh, I don't know, use the money it has to support it's schools. Possibly get the textbooks to schools before the year starts and hmmm...let's see actually use lottery money for schools. I'll look for the story links but I'm pretty sure that all of the Robin Hood money is just sitting in the bank.