Monday, September 12, 2005


Chris Troutman found this somehow. I think someone at Google might be trying to get a little political.
Go to Google's home page.
Type in failure.
Then hit the "I Feel Lucky" button.

*EDIT: If you just do a search for failure you'll also find an interesting result. Look at the top two entries.

*EDIT: MSN has somewhat similar results, but apparently leans to the other end of the political spectrum.


d.durand said...


Very old stuff


First discovered in Dec 2003. The most funny is that it is still "up & running" 20 months later


Anonymous said...

well, if google is political, then msn is also. type failure in their search to find out why.

Trapper Markelz said...

I think it is "Google Bombing"... not Google actively being political.

Sudar said...

You searched in Google, Yahoo and MSN. But how about the real-time (a.k.a) blog-search engines like Technorati, Icerocket, Bloglilnes etc.

I don't want to ruin the surprise ;-)

Fritz said...

Well, your news was mentioned in the widely-read Search Engine Watch today.

Anonymous said...

Heh, search for Liar and you get Tony Blairs page as number 1 result. Same principle really

Fed UP said...

Yet more examples of what the loony left Dems will say/do to get any power. Sell out America at any cost is not above them either. Note the liberal rant about "taking back America in '06 and '08!" You arrogant bastards. America doesn't belong to you alone, a mere minority.

Look at Dems now, All voted a certain way a few years ago NOW all develope selective convenient huh?

To think of the coomon audacity, the unmitigated gall of most of the left pisses me off big time.
Crybabies all...