Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nigeria update

For those of you interested, we got a little more information on Nigeria last night.
The CWF has been asked to join a team going to Nigeria in October. There will be a number of things going on during the trip, including medical missions and at least one CWF show - planned in a soccer stadium.
We're each responsible for raising our own funds so there will be a couple new things added to this blog in the next few months.
Any money that is raised through this blog will go directly to sending me on the trip. Anything raised over my needed amount will go towards other people going.
I will need to make an initial payment of $250 by March 5 and then will be required to get approx. $250 in shots by May 10. In all I'm expecting to need $2800 - $2900 for the trip.
If you'd like to make a donation, zip me an e-mail or hopefully I'll have a Paypall donation button posted soon.
The ads on this page help in fundraising. Everytime you click on a Google ad (left hand side) I get a small amount of money.
And if you order shirts by clicking on the Randomshirts.com ad at the bottom of the page, a portion of the money will go to y Nigeria fund as well.
But above all, I ask that you support us in prayer.
Pray that God will begin now to work in the hearts of those we come in contact with.
Pray that God will strengthen our team now and God will teach us and grow us in amazing ways in the next 9 months.
Pray for safety.
Pray that God will be glorified and made famous through our trip.
Pray that God will provide the financial means for everyone to go.
Thanks for all your support. God bless.

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